The ROI is Always in the Relationship!

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10 Life Lessons Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me

1. Gifts are often disguised as Trials
Every entrepreneur can appreciate the ups and downs of being out on their own. I’ve discovered that the major trials and set backs have not only formed who I am as an entrepreneur but has built my character and pushed me beyond anything I thought possible. I made a major investment “mistake” in 2012 which lead me to meeting an amazing woman, who introduced me to the amazing world of coaching, training and speaking. For that I’m forever grateful and learned a valuable lesson to step back and reflect before making quick decisions.

2. A supportive partner will propel you
Having a rock in your relationship to help you weather the storm of highs and lows is invaluable as an entrepreneur. You absolutely need a shoulder to cry on and someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself at times. You need a partner, a coach or mentor to cheerlead you along the way and to catapult your success!

3. Some people will not understand your journey
As you grow into a bold entrepreneur and take leaps and bounds you never dreamed you would, others will not always understand your risks. Stay true to yourself. When you break free of the mold you thought you needed to conform to you will make people uneasy, and that’s ok.

4. The more you invest in yourself, the more you will impact the world
When you replace tv with constant learning, motivational seminars and workshops you develop not only your competence but your confidence in your abilities.

5. Your alignment with your gifts will make you feel like a bandit because the money comes easily when you do what you love!
When you’re in “FLOW” and doing what you love, serving the people that matter, you come to a place where you cannot believe you actually get paid for what you do! The ultimate sweet spot in life!

6. Giving back changes your world
When your mission is more than yourself and the money comes secondary, abundance flows! When you want to give back to the world that’s supported your growth and give graciously and generously, your perspective changes indefinitely.

7. Reading will double your revenue
Cut the cable, invest in books that serve to build you as a better person. There’s a reason why they don’t have commercials for Ferraris. Someone who can afford a Ferrari doesn’t spend her time in front of American Idol. Replacing tv with books eliminated a major stress in my life I didn’t realize existed until it was gone!

8. Success is a mindset
We are where we are right at this moment because we’ve told ourselves that this is where we deserve to be! Set a new “normal” it will freak you right out! Promise 

9. Your team is smarter than you
Adding great people to your team will inspire you to be a better entrepreneur and leader. It will push you to let go of everything you used to handle and amaze you at how incredibly talented and knowledgeable others are. When your colleague’s work is better than yours… another sweet spot!

10. I’ve only just scratched the surface
When I reflect on growth 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, six months ago I realize that I’ve only scratched the surface. Entrepreneurship keeps you humble! There’s something incredibly exciting about not knowing what the future holds but that ultimately you can determine your own journey and growth!

What’s the greatest life lesson entrepreneurship has taught you?

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Do you shoot from the hip or sell from the heart?

We’ve all met that obnoxious person at a networking function, who shoots from the hip, meaning:

H- Harass
He or she harasses you for your time and attention while they quickly pitch their service to you without any intent on hearing what you do for a living, your interests or your dreams.
He or she intimidates others while they ?one up? each conversation circle they join in on.
He or she pressures you to buy or asks straight out ?How can I get your business? without taking the time to understand you as a person or build any foundation to the relationship.

As great relationship marketers and successful entrepreneurs, I encourage you to sell from the heart, meaning:
H- Hear
Listen, not only to the other person intently, but pay attention to body language. Leaning in? Good sign! Crossed arms and feet facing the door? They want out of there! Hear what is spoken and what is left unspoken to build faster bonds.
Engage them in conversation using open-ended questions with a genuine interest in what your new contact does, what they?re passionate about and ask how you can help them.
Appreciate your new prospect?s time by thanking them for the opportunity to get to know them better. Be mindful of the time you take with each person you connect with. Be cognisant that they most likely want to meet others and respect their time to connect with other professionals. Unlike the intimidating hip shooter graciously exit the conversation to give them a chance to learn more about others.
R- Respond
Respond with devout listening, really taking in all that you hear about your new contact. Engage them further in conversation, put them in the spotlight! Respond by making a commitment to how you might serve them. Is it introducing them to a colleague, friend or referral source? Make a note and follow up.
T-Take time
Take time to build on your initial meeting. In addition to connecting on social media channels, follow up with a personally handwritten note, an article of interest or pop a great book in the mail that naturally serves as a follow up to your personal conversation.

Relationships take time; they take heart and genuine connection to be impactful.

The ROI is always in the Relationship!